15 Simple Ways To Make Money With PayPal

15 Simple Ways To Make Money With PayPal

We are going to share 15 Simple Ways To Make Money With PayPal. A few years ago, there was no concept of making money online, and people laughed at such ideas and treated them with crazy thinking. But as time passed, we entered into a new era of technology.

Now, there is no need to bring hard cash into your wallet. You can purchase anything from anywhere by using your PayPal account because it is widely used in the world to send or receive money. You can also access your account anytime securely and free of cost. 

It is now easy to make money online with PayPal while staying at home as it will not only increase your earnings, but you also don’t have to put your extraordinary efforts. You can make money with PayPal daily by using these 15 simple ideas:

1- Complete Micro Tasks:

Different websites offer to earn PayPal dollars by completing simple micro-level tasks. For example, you have to watch videos, fill surveys, download the apps, etc to earn the amount. 

Inbox dollars is the most famous website for getting money with PayPal where you have to participate in simple activities. It is an easy platform where you are required to use a dashboard from where you get your tasks. You have to provide your information for account creation, and after earning, you can withdraw the amount when you have at least $ 30 in it. 

2- Fill online surveys:

Online surveys provide the opportunity for different organizations and businesses to get desired data from the public. It is helpful for them, so in return, they offer people to earn PayPal money by participating in their surveys. 

If you have idle time during the day, you can utilize it for earning by sharing your opinion with others with the help of an online survey. You will be paid instantly after completing the survey. Several websites are offering cash rewards through their surveys. But not all of them are paying through PayPal, so you can visit the following websites to make money with PayPal. 

  • Survey Junkie is the most trustable survey company which gives cash rewards as they have a trust rating of 4.5 out of 5 points. This site is free to join, and you can earn PayPal money weekly. 
  • Swag bucks offer you more than ten ways to earn money online. You have to start working by signing up there, and you will also be awarded a $ 5 free bonus in your PayPal account.

3- Download free apps:

The feature point app is specially designed to make money with PayPal by downloading different free apps and performing easy tasks. It has distributed more than $ 5,800,000 reward since 2012 that shows its reputation and reliability. 

You can download this app from the Google Play store for Android devices, and for IOS devices, you have to visit their website. Later on, you will have plenty of apps to download, and all apps have several points which you earn after downloading and testing. It will be credited in the form of money to your PayPal account. 

4- Freelancing / Content Writing Jobs:

If you have skills in creative writing and you can write on different topics, you can also earn money with PayPal. You can also use freelancing platforms like five to write articles. You can write on any niche according to your expertise or interest. It is a very ideal and useful place for students and those individuals who want to earn money while staying at their home. 

5- Play games:

It is a very entertaining idea to make money with PayPal by simply playing games. It will be among the simplest ways to earn money online. Different online websites use this idea to help game developers to get feedback upon the functionality and experience of the game that is helpful before launching the game so they can fix errors if found. 

  • The Mistplay app is providing a great way of earning PayPal money. You have to play games, fill questionnaire by expressing your views, and get rewarded for your time and feedback. 

6- Refer others to PayPal:

It is the simplest and direct way of making money with PayPal because you have to refer others to PayPal and earn instant cash awards from them. With its help, you can earn $ 10 by sending 1 cent to your friend who doesn’t have a PayPal account. 

You can earn up to $ 50 through free PayPal money by referring five friends, i.e. quite an easy way. This money will be added to your PayPal balance which you can withdraw without any minimum withdrawal amount requirement. 

7- PayPal money adder:

You can earn money by simply using the PayPal money adder/generator app in apk format. You have to download the PayPal money adder tool 2022 that is the latest. It will be a big gift for the users through which they can get $ 20 to $ 200 in a day very conveniently.

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It is very simple to use. You just have to download the app and install it on your pc, laptop, mac, or android. After installation, follow simple steps to sign in but make sure that you are using the proxy to keep yourself more secure without any risk of ban.

After installing the app, you have to start the app and use any one of the four options of money limits; for example, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, or $ 200. After following all the steps, you will have to log in to your PayPal account and start using the PayPal money adder 2022 app.

8Graphic Designing:

If you have the skills of graphic designing, you can easily make money with PayPal. You can join different platforms to get earnings. Different graphic designing companies also offer online jobs and pay through PayPal. Similarly, graphic designers can also create and sell templates. 

9- Shopping rewards from shop kick:

With the help of shop kick, you can earn point rewards by doing shopping from your favorite stores in the form of “kicks” that you can redeem for your PayPal cash. You can earn up to 350 kicks against a single task. After attaining 6250 kicks, you can earn $ 25 with them. 

10- Sell products:

Being an individual, you can earn a PayPal amount by selling different products. You can sell eBooks, artworks, used home products, or your services on various online selling websites, and you can demand PayPal amount in return which is the safest and secure way to get your amount. 

Similarly, you can create your website and start an e-commerce business where you will get the PayPal amount. 

11- Online Tutorship:

You can teach subjects like history and English online to different students and earn a PayPal amount. Several online companies like VIP kid, education first, etc, are offering attractive packages for providing online tutor services through their platform. So you can earn up to $ 20 per hour that will be credited to your PayPal account. 

12- Proofreading:

It is essential for individuals and organizations to carefully check for errors before posting or publishing any text at any place. So, they get the services of proofreaders to get error-free content. 

Many websites are paying for proofreading, for example, up work, freelancer, guru, word vice, editor world, etc. 

13- Affiliate marketing:

PayPal is the best source of earning through different online platforms. Affiliate marketing provides you the opportunity to earn online. In affiliate marketing, a company pays others to advertise their product and service and take their share in the sale, or you will be awarded fix amount of PayPal. 

Affiliate marketers write different blogs and make YouTube channels to grow their audience. After this, they advertise the products of various companies on their platform and earn PayPal amount through it. 

14- Fitness apps:

Fitness is much important for health, and people perform different tasks like exercise and walk to attain good health. But fortunately, now you can also earn a PayPal amount through several fitness apps. 

Healthy wage is an amazing app in which you are betting with yourself for your weight loss target. Your reward depends upon how aggressive your goal is. You can earn a PayPal amount by losing at least 10 percent of your weight in 6 months. 

Sweat coin is another app that monitors your steps and gives you sweat coins after completing 1000 steps which you can exchange with PayPal.

15- Shop for others through Insta cart:

It is an engaging way of earning money through PayPal. Insta cart is an online grocery delivery site, so you have to choose one of the following options. 

  • The full-service shopper is the first option in which you receive the order, then you buy the desired product, and deliver it to the customer and earn PayPal money through your account. 
  • The in-store shopper is the second option where you will buy items for the customer, but somebody else will deliver them. 

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